Claiming a Vacation Week

Claiming a Vacation Week

In GrownBy, you can claim a vacation week from a subscription and receive farm credit to be used towards a future purchase. 

Your farm may have specific policies about how many vacation weeks you can claim, when and for what products you are allowed to use the farm credit, and how close to the pick-up/delivery you can claim a vacation week. Be sure to check your farmer’s policies around vacation weeks so that everyone is on the same page!

In order to be able to claim a vacation week, your farmer must:
  1. have enabled vacation weeks for the subscription in question
  2. you must be attempting to claim the vacation before the “change window” has passed (this is set by your farmer)
  3. you must have remaining vacation weeks for the subscription (some farms only allow a certain number of vacation days per subscription). 

To claim a vacation week, login to your account on desktop or sign into the app and click the down arrow in the upper right corner of your screen (desktop) or tap the Orders button in the bottom center of the app. On desktop, click Orders from the dropdown menu:

On the app:

Navigate to the pickup that you would like to claim vacation for and click “Claim Vacation”. If vacation is allowed for that pickup, a box will appear that shows all possible products for that date:

Click the check box next to the product(s) you’d like to claim vacation for and click “Claim Vacation”. You will next see a pop-up that looks like this: 

Your farmer will receive an email notification that you have claimed a vacation for that pickup/delivery as well! You will receive a notification that your farm credit has increased. Your credit will increase by the value of the products you claimed vacation for. You can now use your farm credit to make additional purchases, according to the policies of your farm!

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