Customer Notifications

Customer Notifications

Shoppers on GrownBy get notifications from the farms they buy from. Here's a list of the notifications that customers receive:

Account set up Notifications:
  1. Welcome Email: When you join GrownBy or when a farmer Adds you as a customer to GrownBy
  2. Password reset: This email is sent if you request a reset or if a farmer adds you so that you can access your account.
Order Notifications:
  1. When you place an order or if a farmer creates an order for you.
  2. Seven days after an invoice is due if it is still unpaid.
  3. When the farmer makes a new manual invoice for you
  4. When your pickup is tomorrow
  5. When your pickup or delivery is tomorrow or today ( via push notifications on the app)
  6. When your delivery is tomorrow
Payment Notifications
  1. When farm credit balance changes. Changes to farm credit occur when you made a new order, because you had an installment that was covered by farm credit, because you added farm credit, or the farmer added credit, or you claimed a vacation week, which adds farm credit.
  2. When a refund is issued
  3. When your credit card is charged for a recurring installment
  4. When you paid offline and your invoice is marked paid. Note that the internal note that the farmer can fill in when they mark an invoice paid offline is not visible to the customer.
  5. When you have a payment due. Reasons include when a scheduled payment is charged and the credit card fails or if an offline installment payment is due.

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