How to Create an Account as a Customer

How to Create an Account as a Customer

As a customer shopping with farms on GrownBy, you will need to create an account. You can create an account during your first purchase (recommended if you already know what farm you’d like to purchase through). 

The first step is to navigate to or to download the GrownBy app on your Apple or Android device.

Finding a Farm

First, find your farm using the search function with the magnifying glass and the text “What farm are you looking for?” 

Clicking on a farm will bring you to the farm’s profile page. Then click Shop Now:

Select the items you’d like to purchase. You can use the “+” to add them directly to your cart or you can click on the image to see more details about the item. If these items are available for multiple locations or schedules, you will be prompted with a pop-up to choose.When you’re ready, click Checkout at the top right of your screen:

On the next screen, review your order, adjust quantities, and click Checkout Now: 

The next screens will take you through the process of account creation. For shoppers, we recommend that you login using your phone number as it is a very convenient and secure way to access your account. 

You will receive an sms with a code to the phone number you entered. Type it into the field for your 6 Digit Code and you will be automatically logged in!  

Congratulations! Your GrownBy account has been set up! 

The next screens will take your credit card details. If you are hoping to use SNAP Online (if your farm is registered to accept it) or Offline payment, you’ll need to click the Add a payment method button (brand new accounts) or click on the default payment method (if you already have one or more saved) to select that option. Once you have selected a payment method, the Place Order button becomes green and you can click it:

Once you have ordered from a farm, that farm will always appear under Favorited Farms in your account. 
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