SNAP Online Certification Process

SNAP Online Certification Process

Thanks to a partnership with MarketLink and USDA, farmers are able to use GrownBy to process SNAP payments online. If a farm gains certification for SNAP Online through this program, EBT transaction fees through Worldpay will be free to farmers for at least one year, covered by USDA grant funds.

Here are the steps you'll need to take to become a SNAP Online authorized retailer, below. Skip any that you've already done.

Here's the link. It takes only a few minutes.

MarketLink administers the USDA grant for SNAP Online for farmers. This eligibility assessment is how MarketLink determines whether your farm is eligible for the program, and adds you to their system so they can offer you technical assistance throughout the certification process. MarketLink also administers the USDA grant that covers the cost of point-of-sale equipment for EBT/SNAP payments.

2. Create a GrownBy account

Start here. Estimated time: 30 minutes to create the account. The time needed to set up your GrownBy shop depends on the complexity of your farm.

In order to proceed through the next steps, you need to set up a single SNAP/EBT-eligible product in your shop. Set-up a product with zero inventory so that it cannot be mistakenly purchased.

Want help? You can schedule a support session with the GrownBy team, or register to attend an introductory workshop.

GrownBy is the USDA approved e-commerce solution for farmers that want to accept SNAP payments online. Your farm needs a GrownBy account before you can apply for SNAP Online certification. Though you can start selling on GrownBy any time, you don’t have to be an active seller on the platform before applying for SNAP Online certification; you just need to establish the account and create a test SNAP/EBT-eligible product. 

3. Become a SNAP Authorized Retailer

There are two steps here, followed by potentially a few weeks of waiting and maybe some back-and-forth conversations with a USDA FNS representative.

Estimated time: 1 hour for both steps, possibly longer if you need time to collect information.

This application is for certification as a SNAP Retailer for in-person sales, which results in USDA issuing your farm a FNS number. You will need this number to get certified for SNAP Online, even if you don’t plan on accepting SNAP payments in-person.

4. SNAP Online Application

Once you complete steps 1-3, you'll be added to a waiting list for SNAP Online certification.

MarketLink will ask you to complete several forms that comprise your farm's SNAP Online application and registration with Worldpay, a third-party EBT payment processor.

The GrownBy team will set up a test shop on your GrownBy account, which will be tested by USDA's Online Purchasing Pilot team.

After testing is complete, the GrownBy team will make sure you understand how to use the SNAP Online features on GrownBy and we will answer any questions you have about using this new payment method.

Do you have questions about this process, or about SNAP Online for farmers in general? Please reach out to

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