The Orders Page: Pickups, Orders, and Invoices for Customers

The Orders Page: Pickups, Orders, and Invoices for Customers

You can view and interact with your pickup schedule, orders, and invoices on GrownBy.

If you use GrownBy to buy food from local farms, you may want to access the Orders page on your account to check for information about a scheduled pickup, view orders, or pay invoices. 

On desktop, click on your account icon in the upper right of the screen and then click Orders. On mobile, Orders is the box icon on the bottom of your screen.


Pickups can include both a la carte items and shares/subscriptions. The pickups page shows you the name of the farm for each pickup, the date and time, location, and what you ordered.The page is organized with Pickups closest to today’s date on top.  

If the pickup is a share, you have options to Reschedule or Claim Vacation weeks if your farm offers them. The reschedule button here allows you to change location within the same week, if your farm allows this. There is also a Cancel Order button which will prompt you to contact the farm directly. 

If the pickup is a la carte, you will see options to Cancel or to Reschedule to a different date at the same location. 


Here you can see a history of all of your Orders across all farms with detailed breakdowns of the items, prices, and any associated fees for credit card processing, delivery, etc. 


The invoices page can show you both past and future invoices, which could already be paid or still be unpaid. At the top of the page, you can toggle future invoices on and off. If you are signed up for a share/subscription with installment payments, you may have lots of future invoices. You can also access receipts through the invoices by clicking on “View” to the right side of the screen in the invoices list. 

If you have an unpaid invoice, you can pay it by accessing the payment link in the invoice itself. Click View as above and then click Pay Invoice. You will be able to enter payment details or use saved cards if you have them. 

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