Farmer Notifications in GrownBy

Farmer Notifications in GrownBy

Farmers get email and push notifications from GrownBy to keep them up-to-date on important details about their accounts. Customers also get email and push notifications, which you can read about here.

Account Set up Notifications:
  1. When you join GrownBy
  2. When you claim your farm
  3. When you verify your farm
  4. When you request a password reset
Customer and Invoice management:
  1. When a customer places an order
  2. When an invoice is 7 days overdue. The customer also receives this email notification. Note: sometimes the invoice is outstanding because the farmer hasn't marked the customer as paid.
  3. When a customer claims a vacation week. This email comes to the farmer when the vacation week claim is initiated, but the vacation might be taken many weeks later.
  4. When a customer favorites you (push notification only)
  5. When you get a payout from Stripe. If you have issued refunds and have a negative payout, you'll receive a similar notification.
Store Management:
  1. When inventory gets low (5 or fewer)
  2. When inventory runs out

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